今天,你看到你周围的宣教改变了,在商业、政府甚至教会. 但当你看着我们时,你看到的是一项100多年来一直保持不变的使命. 在1900年, so today we welcome students into a community where personal transformation takes place as the Holy Spirit calls, prepares and propels men and women into lifelong discipleship and ministry.

你 看到 这是神圣的, capable staff and faculty who mentor students into driven disciples — from the students who became the Ten Boys of Japan in 1917, 2015年在墨西哥给布伦南和伊文·缪尔.

你 感觉 这在教堂服务,校友从生活的事工回来,对学生的生活说话.

你 听到 this in the passionate sounds of the Choir and of the Symphonic Wind and String Ensemble as they travel throughout the United States and beyond in ministry.

今天’s students come 看到king God’s will for their lives, 他们加入了长长的队伍, from Charles and Lettie Cowman 听到ing God’s call to China in 1900, to Lillian Trasher following God’s leadership to care for orphans in Egypt, 到2014年以斯拉·拜尔在多伦多建立教堂.

我们的使命没有改变 因为 他的使命没有改变.

我们的使命就是耶稣的使命. We are intentional and we are driven and we must fulfill it.



现在被称为 神的复兴马丁·韦尔斯·纳普创办了他的月刊 的复兴 1888年在密歇根州的阿尔比恩. 这本杂志实际上是纳普和他的同事创建我们学院的主要工具. Reaching an audience that soon grew to about 20,000, 的复兴 gave its editor a powerful voice in America’s fledgling “Holiness Movement.”

虽然主要由卫理公会教徒组成, 这场运动是由几个新教教派虔诚的基督徒组成的日益壮大的联盟, 像克纳普, 深切关注他们的教会对镀金时代美国价值观的诱惑.

Those in the Holiness Movement insisted that increasing wealth, 社会地位, and embracement of worldly culture had caused a widespread drift from Methodism’s historical commitment to “holiness of 听到t and life.” The believed evidence for this abandonment of values included the church’s waning emphasis on personal salvation and godly living as well as its gradual withdrawal from sacrificial ministry to the poor and ostracized.

露营会,复兴会,还有杂志之类的 的复兴, the Holiness Movement’s leaders called for spiritual renewal and reform. 在其他优先事项中, an uncompromising recovery of Methodism’s lost spiritual dynamic and a renewed focus on the “fourfold gospel” was necessary.

This “gospel” common to them all emphasized (1) personal salvation, (2)神圣化, (3)神的医治, (4)耶稣基督第二次降临,在地上建立他的国度.

整个19世纪80年代和90年代, Knapp不断强调这些主题, 不仅仅是在《bt365体育娱乐》中, but also in the books he wrote and in his preaching ministry, 首先作为牧师, 然后作为布道者. 约瑟夫H. 史密斯, a well-known Methodist evangelist as well as Knapp’s friend and colleague, 形容纳普是“一个身材矮小的人”, 但在爱情中.

他是热情的化身. 他的整个生命, 生理和心理, was spent to feed the flame of love’s fires that burned in his 听到t for souls, 为神圣, 为神的子民, 也为上帝自己.”



In 1892 Knapp moved his family to 辛辛那提 where he re-established his publishing business and began an inner-city holiness “rescue mission” to minister to both the physical and spiritual needs of “the lost, 最后一个, 至少.“甚至在离开密歇根之前, 纳普在日记中写道, “A training school for gospel workers is on my 听到t and in my head. 好像是上帝把它放在那里的.”

现在,他狂热地工作,使这一愿景成为现实,在1900年7月21日的《 的复兴 他计划建立一所“以圣经为主要学习内容的培训学校”,并在那里“学习圣灵”, 它的作者, will be acknowledged Superintendent and Interpreter.” That same summer at the corner of 你ng and Channing Streets in Mt. 奥本是辛辛那提最古老的郊区,纳普花了2万美元在一块两英亩的土地上买了两栋房子.

It was here that he opened “God’s Bible School and Missionary Training 首页” as the centerpiece of his thriving ministry of evangelism, 教育, 出版, 还有社会拓展.

Although the name Knapp chose for our school is well-known throughout the Holiness Movement in both the United States and abroad, it still raises questions among those unfamiliar with it. 简单地解释, “God’s Bible School” was a term that underscored Knapp’s insistence that God Himself owned the school where “His workers” would “spend at least two years with God’s Book; less only when duty demands.”

为了进一步强调这个事实, 创始人去世时把我们学校留给了上帝, an action that later instigated serious problems and even a court battle. 另外, 这也是事实,我们学院的名字突出了它的跨宗派和非宗派性质.

直到今天,“传教士训练之家”仍然是我们机构名称的一部分. 如纳普所愿, it gives prominence to our college’s originating vision to prepare and send students to “girdle the globe with salvation / with holiness unto the Lord,正如一首早期流行的赞美诗所主张的那样.

威廉和梅布尔·赫斯特, the first of thousands to leave campus for the mission field, 1900年初秋启程前往非洲. 仅仅几周后, Charles and Lettie Cowman left our school to begin the great work of the Oriental Missionary Society in Japan and eventually Korea. 现在是OMS国际, 这个组织是世界上最大的跨宗派圣洁宣教组织之一.



周三晚上, 9月26日, 1900, 急切的人群聚集在校园里,挤进了现场拥挤的建筑. 事实上, “the capacity of the buildings was taxed to the limit, and there was already a great need for additional buildings.“是什么吸引力引起了如此大的轰动??

Our school’s formal dedication was about to commence! 在杨街的老砖房里, 辛辛那提, excited onlookers crowded around the ornate “double-parlor” to witness the formal dedication and to 听到 the next day’s opening speeches. 今天 the same building still serves as our administrative center.

由虔诚的卫理公会牧师创立. 马丁·威尔斯·纳普, our new “drill school for Christian soldiers” began with a band of 72 committed students and a faculty team of three. 接下来的一个学期,我花了40周的时间学习“语法”,没有假期, 拼字法, 书法, 阅读, and music” all taught from an evangelical Christian perspective.

As Knapp had made clear in his June 21 edition of 的复兴 杂志,圣经将是我们“培训学校”学习的核心材料.”



马丁·威尔斯·纳普’s administration of our college was very brief. 他于1901年12月7日去世,享年48岁. 临终前, he entrusted our school’s operation to three women: his wife, Minnie Ferle Knapp; his secretary and assistant, Bessie Queen; and his friend and colleague, 玛丽层, 卫理公会女商人和福音传道者.

从1901年到1911年, 这些行政受托人在“福山”上指导学术和宗教活动,” as our school’s tiny hilltop campus had come to be known. 1906年玛丽·斯托里去世后, 接替她的是三年前与贝茜·奎恩结婚的梅雷迪思·斯丹利.

在这十年中, a large brick building was constructed to house the women’s dormitory, 学校的厨房, and “engine room” where generators produced electricity for the campus. 我们在杨街购置了一幢旧豪宅,作为“希望小屋”,这也帮助了我们学校的社会事工.

这座小屋是“任性的女孩”和她们的孩子的基督教“慈悲之家”. 此外,1906年,“上帝的孤儿院”在俄亥俄州桑布尔附近的一个有13个房间的房子里开业. 奥斯瓦尔德钱伯斯, later known for his classic devotional book My Utmost for His Highest, 他于1907年短暂地加入了GBS,并与GBS保持了多年的联系.

整个俄亥俄州南部, the school became well- known for its vigorous evangelism and “rescue work” in 辛辛那提’s “Shanty Town” slums sprawled along the Ohio River.



从1911年开始, Meredith Standley和他的妻子, 贝茜·奎恩·斯坦利, were to shape the destiny of GBS for the next 39 years—he as president, 她作为顾问, 催化剂, 也是《上帝复兴》杂志的编辑. The Standley years are remembered for their vigorous activity, 令人兴奋的创造性, 制度的发展. Our college became not only a flourishing 教育al institution, but also a significant focal point for the entire holiness movement.

总统 Standley supervised the construction of two major buildings still crucial to our campus life today – the 复兴 Memorial Building and the Knapp Memorial Building. 的复兴 Memorial Building would contain the new women’s dormitory as well as the offices and printing equipment for 神的复兴纳普纪念大楼将容纳学校的教堂、教室和男生宿舍.

此外, the campus was extended to a full six acres by the purchase of various neighborhood properties; and in March 1930, 我们学校成为基督教广播的先驱, broadcasting its “Sunrise Worship Hour” over WKRC in 辛辛那提.

“汤, 肥皂, and salvation” had defined GBS’s social witness from the days of Knapp; and following his example, Standley expanded the school’s well-known Thanksgiving Day dinners. 有时这些晚餐能喂饱20多人,在美国大萧条的黑暗日子里,成千上万饥饿的市中心父母和孩子.

事实上, 二战期间, Eleanor Roosevelt became so impressed by our school’s holiday meals that she mentioned them in a 1942 edition of her daily newspaper column. This Thanksgiving Day tradition continued until the 1960s, 时至今日,它的精神仍被市内各种各样的组织所尊崇,包括教职员工和学生.

It was during the Standley years that our Bible School became a college in that it received authorization to offer degrees. 从1940年开始, students could enroll in what was popularly known as the “Ten Weeks Course,“短的, 为基督徒工人作集中准备.

此外,将斯丹利政府推向高潮的是其严格的“十字架大兵”十字军东征. 1946年11月,在辛辛那提著名的音乐厅举行的大规模全城复兴活动中开幕, this campaign began three years of highly successful jeep-and-trailer evangelism across much of the United States and even foreign countries.



不幸的是, the final years of the Standley administration were marred by excessive, irresponsible debt that threatened the school’s future. 1950年初, 由普通上诉法院任命的受托人选择了GBS的高中校长劳埃德·戴接替斯丹利.

Day was to serve as our college president until 1961. 几乎立即, he launched a massive campaign to “save the school;” and in cooperation with the court-appointed business manager Allen Roudebush, Day was able to raise several thousand dollars through cash donations and debt cancellations to attempt to erase GBS’s staggering debt and establish financial credibility.

Eliminating Debt remained a prime concern for Elmer G. Marsh, who served as our fourth president from 1961–1965. Marsh was in his eighties at the time of his election and had already given nearly fifty years as a much-loved and widely-respected teacher at his alma mater. 然而, 通过处理学校的债权人和鼓励GBS的朋友团结起来捍卫我们的学院, he brought stability and renewed confidence to campus.

Marsh’s successor, Samuel Deets, served as president from 1965 – 1975. 他的青春活力, 学术见解, “亲力亲为”的做法使他的任期成为一段精力充沛的时期,专注于重建和更新. 6月8日, 1969, 在教堂里举行了一场盛大的“禧年礼拜”,庆祝我们学院还清了巨额债务, which at one time reached over one million dollars.

此后不久,迪茨发起了一项重大努力,以振兴长期被忽视的校园. 学校财政增长, new properties were added to the school’s holdings, 1975年3月, ground was broken for the new student-activities building.



我们的第六任总统本斯. Miller, exercised forceful leadership from 1975-1995. 一个非常成功的牧师和商人, 他继续了前任开始的运动,翻新校园建筑和更新基础设施. 学生活动大楼于1977年完工,设有食堂, 体育馆, 和教室.

13年后,R. G. 弗莱森纪念图书馆开放服务. 另外, in 1982 the Court of Common Pleas freed GBS from judicial supervision, 离开我们的学校去规划自己的命运.

在米勒总统任期内, GBS also received full accreditation by the Accrediting Association of Bible 大学s in 1982 and was certified as a degree-granting institution by the Ohio Board of Regents in 1994.




Installed the summer of 1995, our seventh president was Dr. 迈克尔R. 艾弗里. 刺激校园重建, he directed the complete renovation of the main chapel, 行政大楼, 和妇女宿舍.

校园里的其他新建筑包括H. E. Schmul部长资源中心,其中有一个罕见的收集卫理公会圣洁的书籍, 布道礼拜堂, 部长学生的学习区域, 和威廉·D. 盖尔跨文化研究和世界宣教部(ISWM)传教资源中心.

In 2000, he led the school through its centenary celebration unveiling the centenary walk and monument; and in 2001 the Aldersgate Distance Learning Program (ADEP) began under his leadership.

总统 艾弗里 also initiated the school’s first official capital campaign, 命名为“对未来的信念”,” in 2002. This operation successfully eliminated all school debt, 建了一座新的设施大楼, and completely renovated two floors of the 复兴 Memorial Building into a state of the art Academy complete with a science and computer lab shared with the college.

By purchasing numerous properties adjacent to the campus, 艾弗里校长扩大了我们的地盘同时也为社区扫除了不少祸患.

Under his leadership the school received accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of 大学s and Schools and the Evangelical Commission for Financial Accountability, 并成为大辛辛那提大学联盟的成员.

总统 艾弗里’s leadership demonstrated a deep commitment to excellence that is still reflected in every aspect of campus life.




牧师. 罗德尼·洛珀博士,俄亥俄州费尔伯恩人,1997年进入bt365体育娱乐和学院. While there he met and married fellow student Melissa Arender. 这对新人活跃在富兰克林的圣经卫理公会教堂, Ohio where the Loper family had attended for years. Rodney served as assistant pastor there from 1999 to 2001.

After graduating from bt365体育娱乐 with the BA in Ministerial Education in 2001, 洛珀夫妇接受了俄克拉荷马城的牧师职位, 俄克拉何马州. 然后, 2007年,他加入Hobe Sound Bible Church的牧区人员,并于2009年至2016年担任主任牧师. 在那里,他获得了三一神学院的领导与讲道硕士学位.

In December 2015, the bt365体育娱乐 总统ial Search Committee contacted 牧师. Loper to let him know that he had been recommended as a candidate and secured his permission to allow his name to be considered for the position. 他于2016年5月23日被董事会选中. Two months later the Lopers arrived on campus July 27, 2016. 现在这个家庭有四个孩子:斯科特(16岁)、布里安娜(13岁)、布鲁克林(12岁)和科尔顿(7岁)。.

Rodney assumed the position of president-elect on August 15. 在长达一年的过渡期间, 他和艾弗里校长一起工作,逐渐承担了越来越多的责任. 2017年7月1日,牧师. Rodney Loper officially assumed the presidency of bt365体育娱乐.


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